Certified Credit’s Top Podcasts of 2022


Certified Credit’s Top Podcasts of 2022

December 6, 2022
Certified Credit

At Certified Credit, we believe that the mortgage industry is about more than just a score—its strength lies in its relationships. With this in mind, we’re always eager to connect with other mortgage professionals. 

Through this collaboration, we’ve been able to develop innovative solutions to some of mortgage lenders’ most pressing challenges. However, we didn’t want to keep our inter-industry discussions all to ourselves. That’s why we started our Talk Data to Me podcast. 

In each episode of our podcast, we broadcast insightful conversations with other thought leaders in the industry. Keep reading to get a summary of our top ten Talk Data to Me podcast episodes from 2022.

Bonus – Don’t miss out on the insightful conversations at MBA Annual 2022! Check out the On-Demand Library for in-person interviews with some of the experts mentioned below and many more. 

#1 Market Updates, Tips for Success, Tricks for Quoting PMI, and Social Media Compliance

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing several industry experts at the 2022 Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. 

During this event, we spoke to:

    • Kevin Peranio, Chief Lending Officer at PRMG, Inc – Kevin offered several strategies for mortgage lenders looking to weather the storm of this challenging mortgage market and emphasized the importance of investing in the right mortgage technology. He also gave his optimistic predictions for 2023.
    • Susan Shaffer, VP, National Accounts Manager at National MI – Susan broke down how Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) works and how it compares to government programs. She also gave some helpful suggestions for mortgage lenders looking to give their borrowers the lowest PMI quotes possible.
    • Roy George, CMB®, President & Managing Partner at MOR Lending – After providing an overview of his career path, Roy shared his top tips for new mortgage professionals looking to break into the industry and carve out successful careers.
    • Blake Boss, MBA of ActiveComply – Blake highlighted how lenders can use social media to grow their business prospects in this market and beyond. He also stressed the importance of staying in compliance while posting on social media and offered some simple guidelines for doing so.  

If you want to hear each of these industry experts’ full discussions, check out this podcast episode.


Talk Data to Me Live from MBA Annual [Part 1]


Talk Data to Me Live from MBA Annual [Part 2]

#2 Who’s Keeping Score – Tri-merge Reports, Alternative Data, & More

Another fascinating conversation we had on the podcast was with Certified Credit’s Regional Vice President, Mark Teta. In this episode, Mark highlights the critical role that data plays in making lending decisions.

He also goes into detail about the following tools:

By understanding these tools as a mortgage lender, you can educate your borrowers and help them optimize their creditworthiness so they can qualify for the best loans possible. Learn more from Mark here.


Talk Data to Me: Who's Keeping Score - Tri-merge Reports, Alternative Data, & More [Episode 5]

#3 Next Gen Homebuyers with Kristin Messerli of Experience.com

Did you know that millennials currently make up the largest demographic of homebuyers?[i] As Next Gen homebuyers become more prominent, mortgage lenders need to take their needs and preferences into consideration. If you can do so, you’ll be much more likely to win over their business and long-term loyalty.

To find out how lenders can best serve Next Gen homebuyers, we spoke with Kristin Messerli. She led the 2021 Next Gen Homebuyer Report (and the now available 2022 Next Gen Homebuyer Report), which was published by National MI, Mortgage Bankers Association, and Cultural Outreach.

During our conversation, Kristin highlighted some noteworthy trends from the report, such as Next Gen applicants’:

    • Preference for digitization throughout the lending process
    • General distrust of lenders and other financial professionals
    • Lack of understanding of the home-buying process

With these trends in mind, you can tailor your services accordingly. You can also listen to the full-length podcast for more Next-Gen-related tips.


[Part 1] NextGen Homebuyers with Kristin Messerli of Experience.com


[Part 2] NextGen Homebuyers with Kristin Messerli of Experience.com


#4 Automating Your VOE Strategy

Next Gen home buyers aren’t the only ones that benefit from a digitized lending process—mortgage lenders, like you, can too. One process to consider digitizing is your verification of income and employment (VOE).

In this episode, we got to hear about the many benefits of automated VOE from Ron Carlson, Senior Vice President of Product Development at Certified Credit. Ron explains how automating your VOE process can:

    • Save time
    • Cut costs
    • Mitigate fraud
    • Prevent errors
    • Streamline your applicants’ experience

Ron also discusses our automated VOE solution, Cascade VOE. You can learn more about automated VOE and this game-changing tool here.


Talk Data to Me: Automating Your VOE Strategy [Episode 7]


#5 Hispanic Homeownership With Dalila Ramos and Marisol Pintado

In addition to Next Gens, another important demographic for lenders to focus on in the coming years is Hispanic and Latino homebuyers. The reason? By 2040, 70% of new homeowners are predicted to be of Hispanic heritage.[ii]

We spoke with Marisol Pintado, Certified Credit’s Client Success Manager of Puerto Rico, and Dalila Ramos, Founder of Love and Tacos Media, during Hispanic Heritage month. They both reviewed their experiences as Latina women in the mortgage industry. After that, they shared their observations on the unique challenges that Hispanic home buyers face. By solving these challenges, you can set your mortgage business up to better serve these borrowers.

Give the full-length podcast a listen to find out how you can support Hispanic and Latino borrowers in the coming years.


Talk Data to Me: Hispanic Homeownership with Dalila Ramos [Part 1]


Talk Data to Me: Hispanic Homeownership with Dalila Ramos [Part 2]


#6 More Than Just a Score

As we mentioned earlier, relationships are the foundation of the mortgage industry. At Certified Credit, we pride ourselves on taking a people-focused approach in every aspect of our business. But what does this mean in practice?

We expand on the meaning of our tagline, “More Than Just a Score,” with Samantha Markwood, Certified Credit’s Vice President of Client Success, and Jeff Woltemath, Senior Account Executive. In this episode, they explain why relationship-building is so important and offer some strategies for mortgage lenders, such as:

    • Networking at mortgage conferences
    • Listening and learning from other mortgage professionals
    • Helping borrowers improve their credit scores using various credit score improvement tools

Want even more relationship-building tips? You can find them in this podcast episode.


Talk Data to Me: More Than Just a Score - Why Relationships Matter


#7 Building a Strong Lead Qualification Process

You can put your newfound relationship-building skills into practice during your lead qualification process. Optimizing this process is crucial in a competitive market. We had Ron Carlson, Certified Credit’s Senior Vice President of Product Development, on the podcast to find out how lenders can strengthen their lead qualification workflows.

In this episode, Ron outlines how to attract and qualify more leads quickly, easily, and affordably using automated tools, like Cascade Alerts and Cascade Prequal. He also offers tips for nurturing leads that are on the brink of qualifying so you can win over their loyalty along the way.

Find out how you can fortify your lead qualification by listening to the full-length episode here.


How Can Lenders Building Strong Lead Qualification Processes


#8 Workflow Efficiencies

Lead qualification is just one of the many workflows that can be optimized through automation. We had Samantha Markwood and Jeff Woltemath back on the podcast for a second time to discuss the topic of workflow optimization.

By listening to this podcast episode, you can get the low down on some of Certified Credit’s latest workflow automation solutions, including:

Samantha and Jeff also clarify how tools like these can help you enhance your efficiencies, scale up your business, and improve your bottom line.


[Part 1] Talk Data to Me: Social Media Strategy & Compliance for the Mortgage Industry with ActiveComply [Episode 8]


[Part 2] Talk Data to Me: Social Media Strategy & Compliance for the Mortgage Industry with ActiveComply [Episode 8]


#9 Consumer Credit Scores vs. Mortgage Credit Scores

Many borrowers don’t know that they have multiple credit scores. As a result, your applicants may check their consumer credit scores before applying for a mortgage, only to be surprised when you base your loan approval on another figure.

So, how can you educate borrowers about the distinctions between these two types of credit scores? Mark Teta joined the Talk Data to Me Podcast again to discuss this topic. In this episode, Mark explains the differences between consumer credit scores and mortgage credit scores. He also talks about the ever-present threat of identity theft and what borrowers can do to guard against it.

By listening to this episode in full, you can pass on Mark’s important insights to your borrowers and enhance credit education for everyone involved.


Talk Data to Me: Consumer vs. Mortgage Credit Scores [Episode 11]


#10 Building Your Personal Brand & The Importance of Authenticity with Raquel Borras

Our final podcast on this list focuses on personal brand building and how lenders can use it to their professional advantage. During this episode, we ask Raquel Borras, Brand Strategist & Marketing Guru, for her top tips for building a personal brand.

Raquel emphasizes the importance of authenticity. She also shares her tips for coming up with fresh content ideas, forging connections with new followers, and using your personal brand to attract more mortgage business.

You can benefit from all of Raquel’s brand-building wisdom by listening to our discussion here.


Talk Data to Me: Building Your Personal Brand & The Importance of Authenticity with Raquel Borras [Part 1]


Talk Data to Me: Building Your Personal Brand & The Importance of Authenticity with Raquel Borras [Part 2]


Certified Credit: Empower Your Mortgage Lending Business in 2023

From brand building to data and automation, we learned so much from all of our fantastic podcast guests this year. We hope you gain value from these discussions too.

If you want more personalized insights and support, Certified Credit can help. As a leading mortgage lending solutions provider, we can help you optimize your workflows and set your business up for success, regardless of the upcoming market conditions.

By partnering with us, you can also enjoy access to our growing suite of products and services, which include

    • Automated loan manufacturing solutions
    • Lead generation tools
    • Affordable credit reports
    • Flood zone determinations
    • Fraud and risk support
    • Settlement services

Find out how Certified Credit can empower your mortgage lending business this year by scheduling a credit consultation with our team today.



[i] National Association of Realtors Research Group. 2022 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report.


[ii] Urban Institute. The Number of Hispanic Households Will Skyrocket by 2040. How Can the Housing Industry Support Their Needs?