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Nationwide Leader

As a multi-faceted mortgage solutions partner, Certified Credit has specialized in Consumer Credit, Risk Mitigation, and Verification Services for over 35 years. We have earned a trusted reputation for providing an outstanding customer experience, technological efficiency, innovation, and a full spectrum of products from pre-qual to closing.

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Multi-faceted Mortgage Solutions
A Winning Combo

Trusted Partner

With more than 35 years of industry experience, we have always valued our reputation as a trusted and reliable partner that's committed to your success. Beyond reports, we're motivated by people. Our team knows it's about more than just numbers; what we value most is strong client relationships and the highest standard of customer service.

Passionate Service

Our nationwide Customer Service team is comprised of cross-trained and enthusiastic FCRA-Certified experts. A full twelve hours of coverage and multiple layers of support ensure that we're ready and willing to help when you need it most, saving you time, and stepping in to be the extra help you need to keep your borrowers moving towards the closing table.

Technology Driven

Certified Credit runs off the largest mortgage service solutions platform in the industry; backed by multiple data centers, redundancies, and safeguards to ensure our uptime leads the industry. 

These technological advantages, combined with an intuitive and tailored approach, allow us to build enhancements into and around your workflow; quickly taking a streamlined solution from the initial concept, to training, to making an impact for your borrowers - and your bottom line.

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We're more than just a score.

We believe in...

People First. Integrity Always. Being Accessible.

Making Personal Connections. Innovating. Helping Freely.

Listening More. Caring for your Community.

Learning Continuously. Communicating Kindly. Being Genuine.

Finding Solutions. Building Trust. Cultivating Partnerships.

Leading Change. Sharing Responsibility. Welcoming Diversity.

Encouraging Others.

Mortgage Service Solutions