Talk Data to Me: NextGen Homebuyers with Kristin Messerli of [Episode 10]


Talk Data to Me: NextGen Homebuyers with Kristin Messerli of [Episode 10]

July 28, 2022
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Talk Data to Me: NextGen Homebuyer with Kristin Messerli of 

Homebuying has always been one of the most complex and important decisions an individual can make. But, with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, lacking financial education, and the challenges of the current housing market, the next generation of homebuyers is finding it more challenging than ever before to navigate the home buying and mortgage lending process.

In this special episode of Talk Data to Me, we are joined by a special guest, Kristin Messerli, VP of Strategy at Our discussion with Kristin will help you understand the largest cohort of homebuyers in millennials (43%), how they differ from previous generations, their shifting customer experience expectations, and the trends they are influencing in the mortgage industry. We will also examine the inherent distrust that is impacting NextGen homebuyers and how you can reach this next generation of homebuyers with trustworthy, authentic, and transparent communication.

Learn more about the next generation of homebuyers with the 2021 NextGen Homebuyer Report led by Kristin Messerli, published and sponsored by National MI, Mortgage Bankers Association, and Cultural Outreach:

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About Our Guests

Kristin Messerli

Kristin Messerli is a leading strategist on NextGen finance and homeownership. As the VP of Strategy at, she works with hundreds of lenders to collect and analyze customer voice to build brand, generate referrals, and improve customer experience. Kristin founded and sold the digital marketing agency, Cultural Outreach, with the mission to promote homeownership in young and diverse markets. Kristin has spoken at hundreds of conferences including the Mortgage Bankers Association, Digital Mortgage, and Harvard Business School. Kristin produced and co-authored the 2020 and 2021 NextGen Homebuyer Report, highlighting key insights from over 3,000 NextGen homebuyers and is a frequent contributor to industry publications, such as Next Mortgage News.


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