Talk Data to Me: Workflow Efficiencies [Episode 13]


Talk Data to Me: Workflow Efficiencies [Episode 13]

September 7, 2022
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Talk Data to Me: Workflow Efficiencies [Episode 13]

In a new era of loan manufacturing, workflow efficiencies and automation is the key to driving a better bottom line, identifying opportunities, and scaling your business with ease.

In this episode of Talk Data to Me with Samantha Markwood, VP Client Success, and Jeff Woltemath, Strategic Account Executive, we will focus on the essential steps in your mortgage origination process, such as Credit Reporting, Lead Generation, Undisclosed Debt Monitoring (UDM), and Verification of Employment (VOE). During our discussion, we will outline ways you can optimize your workflow with powerful analytics, advanced borrower insights, and data, as well as discuss the importance of evaluating your strategy for cost savings, consistency, and error reduction.

Learn more about solutions that help improve workflow efficiencies and automate key components of your loan manufacturing operations:

Cascade Automated Suite

With data-driven solutions that simplify your process from lead generation to closing, the Cascade product suite infuses your lending life cycle with powerful analytics, advanced borrower insights, and the data you need to make more informed lending decisions.

Cascade Alerts – Mortgage Inquiries

Cascade Alerts monitors your current customers and past clients – NO FIRM OFFER OF CREDIT REQUIRED— and delivers proactive borrower insights when a customer is in the market for a new loan or shopping with a competitor. With customizable filtering for eligibility, reporting and analysis, and alert delivery (SMS, email, CRM integration, and more), this compliant, cost-effective solution pays for itself by keeping your most valuable borrowers coming back to you, improving bottom-line results. Learn More >

Cascade Prequal

Cascade Prequal simplifies the prequalification process with automated report selection – choosing a one, two or all three bureau soft pull based on your credit thresholds. With consistent, streamlined processes, Cascade Prequal turn prospects into loyal customers by explaining their loan options up front – without triggering competitor monitoring or alerts! So you spend less time worrying and more time helping borrowers move closer to their dreams. Learn More >

Cascade VOE

Cascade VOE uses a multi-level, automated vendor flow to significantly increase the hit rate over manual verifications. This unique solution employs a rules-based engine to control the flow of vendor ordering, providing consistency and allowing you to cut processing time while maintaining loan quality. With a set it and forget it model, Cascade VOE does the work, and notifies you when your VOE is complete – freeing you up to focus on finalizing that “clear to close”! Learn More >

Cascade UDM

Cascade Undisclosed Debt Monitoring (UDN) monitors borrowers from the original credit pull to loan closing and delivers alerts on any new activity that has the potential to derail the loan process. With comprehensive, easy-to-understand reporting delivered via email or directly to your CRM, you can prevent costly repurchase demands and avoid last-minute issues at closing that can lead to loan fallout. Learn More >

Connect with Jeff & Sam at TMC Chi-Town – September 25-27, 2022

These days, many mortgage discussions revolve around technological innovations. Data, digitization, and automation undoubtedly enhance the loan origination process. However, relationships are still the foundation of the mortgage industry. That’s why our data nerds don’t just focus on the latest technology, they also focus on you.

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