The Certified Difference

With a sharp eye on the latest industry regulations and emerging trends, we’re always focused on identifying ways to help you improve profitability, support your people, and hone your best practices into streamlined processes.

mortgage prequalification soft pull

Creative Pricing

We customize our pricing to best fit with your loan process.

Whether it is a Front or Back-End bundle, Step-Up pricing, Smart Select, Smart Pay, or our low cost Prequal Soft Pulls, we have a vested interest in helping you analyze where there are opportunities to improve your P&L.

Diversity &
People Focused

As a woman-owned (WBENC Certified) and Dodd-Frank Section 342 Vendor, Certified Credit has a true commitment to diversity and inclusion.

We are proud that our unique makeup offers fresh perspectives and novel solutions that will help you reach the emerging and diverse markets of the future. 

Certified CreditCertified CreditCertified CreditCertified CreditCertified CreditCertified Credit
Diversity & People Focused

Credit Attributes

Ability to provide a section on the credit report to highlight those attributes that are crucial to the lender's unique process.

Real-time Trended Data Options

Ability to turn on/off trended data easily from within each credit report and filter the trended data being displayed.

View Merged Trade Lines

Save your team the phone call. In our system, all it takes is one step to view the de-duped trades on a tri-merge credit report.

Customizable Letter of Explanation

Customize the components you wish to see to ensure your borrowers have a simple template to follow.

Cost Tracking On Each Loan File

Individual components can be selected to appear on the report to be saved for the loan file.

Billing Efficiency

Some providers struggle with billing and must issue credits regularly because of duplicate charges, causing difficulty when managing loan files. We take pride in billing correctly the first time.

PitchPoint ADV

We are a provider of the PitchPoint ADV report – a dynamic tool that fulfills fraud-risk prevention needs while also providing a workflow efficiency tool that is unparalleled. We can provide a workflow efficiency review to identify possible efficiency gains and cost savings.