Talk Data to Me: Tackling Trigger Leads [Episode 12]


Talk Data to Me: Tackling Trigger Leads [Episode 12]

August 25, 2022
Certified Credit

Talk Data to Me: Tackling Trigger Leads [Episode 12]

What’s one of the hottest topics during a purchase market? Trigger leads — what are they? Why are they allowed? Do they benefit borrowers? How about lenders?

In this episode, we are discussing the marketing product created by the national credit bureaus, Trigger Leads, and how they are impacting today’s lenders and consumers. Join our data nerds, Nicole Mattiello, VP of Marketing & Corporate Communications, and Paul Robinson, Regional Vice President, as they offer insights and tactics to help protect your lending operation and educate your borrowers.

About Trigger Leads from the CDIA

While Certified Credit will never share our customer information or offer trigger leads, we recognize they are part of the marketing practices for many organizations. According to the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA), “Mortgage triggers benefit consumers and lenders. Lenders benefit because where they received a lead based on this product, they are in a position to compete for a potential customer who is truly in the market and ready to seek a loan. Consumers clearly benefit from the nationwide competition which results from mortgage brokers and lenders which are using these products tens of thousands of times per month.” See this “Mortgage Triggers Briefing Paper” for additional details.

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