Talk Data to Me: Tackling 2023 & Beyond with Kevin Peranio [Episode 19]


Talk Data to Me: Tackling 2023 & Beyond with Kevin Peranio [Episode 19]

December 13, 2022
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Talk Data to Me: Tackling 2023 & Beyond with Kevin Peranio 

For many in the mortgage industry, 2022 was the tail of two halves. In the first half of 2022, we saw record volumes, historically low rates, and a booming market. As we wind down 2022, we are seeing significantly higher rates, industry-wide layoffs, and low consumer confidence.

So, what can you expect in 2023? What should you be doing to prepare for the coming year?

During this episode of Talk Data to Me, our data nerds connect with Kevin Peranio, Chief Lending Officer at PRMG – exploring the impact of 2022 on the 2023 mortgage market. They also discuss ways lenders, vendors, and all mortgage professionals can weather the current storm and put themselves in a better position for the 2023 spring purchase season and beyond.

Listen to this insightful episode to hear:

  • How large and small lenders are tackling the current marketing and diversifying their business to drive revenue.
  • Why building relationships is critical to your success as a mortgage lender.
  • Tips for connecting with homebuyers (especially first-time homebuyers).
  • Coming updates to pricing, technology, and credit reporting.
  • Ways to improve your business and support change with a solution focus, people-first approach.
  • Advice on improving your customer experience and processes in 2023.

About Our Guests

Kevin Peranio 

Chief Lending Officer, PRMG

Along with a pulse on the mortgage marketplace, PRMG Chief Lending Officer and partner, Kevin Peranio continues to exemplify what it truly means to be an active executive leader in the mortgage industry. Kevin is responsible for overseeing all production, including working with the sales and operations teams within the loan manufacturing process. His primary goal is to enhance the overall customer experience when doing business with PRMG. This includes creating robust reporting features along with consumer facing activities and modern lending technology to ensure accountability at all layers and levels of the process.  In his own words, “the inside drives the outside”.

Since joining PRMG in 2010, Kevin led the Southeast Region to become the #1 Ranked Region for PRMG, reaching this milestone in record time. This achievement ultimately propelled Kevin to becoming one of the youngest partners at PRMG. Kevin is also a Four-Time President’s Cabinet Member and was recognized by NMP as a Top 40 Under 40.  He is a national speaker within the mortgage industry, and has been interviewed on several podcasts, including speaking at HousingWire’s Summit, AIME Fuse, ICE Technology, and other industry events.

Most recently, Kevin has become known on LinkedIn for his insightful ‘Walk and Talk’ video posts, and for his Instagram ’KP Talks Dollars and Sense’ Podcast where he shares his perspective and knowledge on a wide range of subjects.

Mr. Peranio received his Bachelor of Science in Advertising Business from the University of Texas at Austin.

Learn more about Kevin Peranio and follow him on LinkedIn!

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Tackling 2023 & Beyond with Kevin Peranio [Part 1}


Tackling 2023 & Beyond with Kevin Peranio [Part 1}