Talk Data to Me: Experience23 Recap – Automation, Technology, & Attracting Borrowers [Episode 27]


Talk Data to Me: Experience23 Recap – Automation, Technology, & Attracting Borrowers [Episode 27]

March 23, 2023
Certified Credit

Experience23 Recap: Automation, Technology, & Attracting Borrowers

From the latest in automation to improving the digital borrower experience, we are covering all things ICE Mortgage Experience23.

In this episode of Talk Data to Me, we sit down with SVP of Product Development, Ron Carlson, to discuss key takeaways from Encompass’ Experience23 and explore the pressing issues facing the mortgage industry today. Throughout our conversation, we look at the importance of transparency in mortgage manufacturing and how it can help homebuyers achieve their dream of homeownership. We also discuss the changing expectations of borrowers, including the need for an immediate response, exceptional customer service, and digital experiences.

Next, we examine the challenges facing lenders in attracting more borrowers and improving approval rates, and solutions to help them overcome them including the use of Velocify with Cascade Alerts, Cascade Prequal, and alternative underwriting opportunities. We also discuss the growing demand from first-time homebuyers and the affordability concerns facing the industry due to rising mortgage rates, the cost of origination, and limited inventory.

Finally, we explore the latest technological advances in the industry, including ASO and other advances within Encompass, and how they can help lenders reduce costs and improve the customer experience.

Join us as we explore these issues and provide insights into the latest trends and hot topics in the mortgage industry.

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