Talk Data to Me: Experian Verify, Cascade VOE, & The Future of Verification of Employment [Episode 32]


Talk Data to Me: Experian Verify, Cascade VOE, & The Future of Verification of Employment [Episode 32]

July 13, 2023
Certified Credit
Talk Data to Me: Experian Verify, Cascade VOE, & The Future of Verification of Employment

In October 2022, we sat down with Ken Tromer, Director of Mortgage Market Engagement at Experian, to discuss Experian Verify. In this episode, Ken joins us once again, alongside Paul Robinson, VP of Sales at Certified Credit, to explore the evolving landscape of Verification of Employment (VOE) and discuss the advancements in Experian Verify and Cascade VOE.

Throughout the conversation, Ken and Paul will cover:

  • Different types of VOEs and the challenges they present lenders.
  • Trends in VOE and tips for ensuring your process meets the needs of your lenders, borrowers, and operations.
  • How lenders can improve their hit rates, while also reducing costs.
  • Unique ways to overcome the challenges of manual verification of employment.
  • Recent advances to VOE technology, specifically Experian Verify and Cascade VOE.
  • What’s next for VOE – a thought-provoking discussion about the future of VOE, emerging trends, speculation on how VOE will transform in the coming years, and how these changes will impact the mortgage industry.

Check out this episode to discover the path to a streamlined, efficient, and future-forward verification process.

Learn more about Cascade VOE, Certified Credit’s automated, one-time ordering solution for multi-vendor verification of employment.

Learn more about Experian Verify, Experian’s Instant income and employment verification powered by exclusive, industry-best data.

About Our Guests
Paul Robinson

Vice President, Sales - Certified Credit

As a seasoned professional with nearly 25 years of experience in the credit and mortgage industry, Paul Robinson has worked in almost all aspects of the field, from credit and rescore processing to tech support and sales. Paul serves as the Vice President of Sales at Certified Credit where he coaches and leads the sales and customer success teams.

Through his experience, he helps his team better understand the mortgage origination process and overcome their unique challenges with custom solutions and a consultative approach. Prior to his role as Vice President of Sales, Paul held various leadership positions, including Regional Vice President and Director of Business Development at Certified Credit.

Paul is passionate about educating clients on workflow efficiencies and all things mortgage credit. He finds great satisfaction in helping others improve their business processes and efficiencies and he is dedicated to ensuring proactive support for his clients.

Paul attended the University of Montana, but his extensive knowledge of mortgage credit and years of hands-on experience have allowed him to truly excel in his field.

Besides his professional endeavors, Paul enjoys working out, spending time outdoors with his wife and four kids, and being a sports enthusiast.  He is an active member of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) and the Arizona Mortgage Lenders Association (AMLA).

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Ken Tromer

Director of Mortgage Market Engagement – Experian

Ken Tromer is responsible for mortgage strategy and business development in Experian’s indirect and Direct channels.

Prior to joining Experian in 2018, Ken spent three and half years at lexisNexis Risk Solutions where he was New Business Development Manager for mortgage and real estate. Tromer was responsible for driving multi-year sales opportunities focusing principally on the largest financial institutions. Helping the company in identifying and establish large partnerships and strategic alliance that drove incremental revenue.

Before joining LexisNexis, Tromer spent five years at Equifax Mortgage Solutions. His role was Senior Account Manager responsible for growing revenue in strategic accounts through the sales of EMS products.

Ken has been in the mortgage space for over 30 years and has held many Senior Executive positions at some of the top lenders in the country. He has both retail and wholesale experience, as well as extensive training background.

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Experian Verify, Cascade VOE, & The Future of Verification of Employment