Certified Credit Announces Attendance at ICE Experience 2023 in Las Vegas


Certified Credit Announces Attendance at ICE Experience 2023 in Las Vegas

February 6, 2023
Certified Credit

Certified Credit hosts live demonstrations of their Cascade suite of automated mortgage lending solutions, designed to innovate and accelerate originators’ workflows at the ICE Experience 2023 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Each year, ICE Mortgage Experience brings together thousands of mortgage professionals, industry experts, and Encompass Users to discuss the latest technologies and emerging tech trends. This year’s conference is at the Wynn Las Vegas hotel from Monday, February 27 to Wednesday, March 1. Throughout the event, Certified Credit will be showcasing innovative technology solutions developed to enhance the mortgage lending experience for lenders and borrowers, alike. 

During ICE Experience 2023, attendees can find Certified Credit at kiosk 12. The Certified Credit team will be hosting demos of Cascade solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing Encompass workflows. According to Lucy Kereta-Block, founder and CEO of Certified Credit, “Mortgage lenders’ success in 2023 largely hinges on their ability to optimize their processes so they can brave whatever market conditions come their way. Cascade’s solutions can help lenders do just that.” 

Certified Credit’s Cascade solutions enable lenders to simplify several of their most critical workflows, including:

    • Prequalification – Once interest rates drop, a large slew of aspiring homeowners may decide to start their home searches. These prospective buyers will likely want to prequalify with reputable lenders early on in the process. Thus, offering fast, convenient prequalifications is a must for success-minded lenders in 2023.

      Luckily, Cascade Prequal can automate the prequalification process for these lenders. This solution can be customized to suit lenders’ specific credit thresholds. Best of all, it can cut costs by making use of soft pull credit reports, rather than costly tri-merges.
    • Verification of income and employment (VOE) – With predictions of a looming recession, VOE is as vital as ever in 2023. Lenders can efficiently complete their VOE orders through their Encompass platform using Cascade VOE. Cascade VOE automates the VOE process and enables lenders to set up customized cascades of third-party, consumer-permissioned, and manual verification providers.

      With each order, Cascade VOE can cycle through its custom cascade until it receives a hit. After that, it can send lenders notifications to let them know that the process is complete. If none of the selected vendors return a hit, Certified Credit can manage the manual verification on lenders’ behalf, ensuring their VOE needs are always taken care of.
    • Borrower retention and acquisition – Lenders often overlook the abundance of business potential within their existing client bases. However, acquiring more repeat borrowers can help lenders boost business and maximize their profit margins. 

Cascade Alerts makes it easy to identify past or present borrowers who are in the market for new loans. This automated credit monitoring tool scans clients’ credit reports for new mortgage-related inquiries. If any are found, it can send lenders alerts within 24 hours. By pursuing these leads, lenders can increase their borrower retention and obtain more business with minimal effort. Plus, Cascade Alerts now integrates with your Velocify Lead Management, so you can access updates from one streamlined platform.

“While each Cascade solution targets a different workflow, they all achieve similar results—enhanced efficiency, cost savings, streamlined workflows, and simplified compliance. These results happen to be exactly what lenders need to succeed in the 2023 mortgage market and beyond,” said Lucy Kereta-Block.

Learn more about what’s happening at Certified Credit Kiosk 12 here, or schedule a demo of Cascade Prequal, Cascade Alerts, or Cascade VOE here

About Certified Credit

Cascade’s automated tools are just one of the many products and services offered by Certified Credit. With over 35 years of mortgage industry experience, Certified Credit has cultivated an ever-expanding suite of advanced solutions, including affordable credit reports, flood zone determinations, fraud mitigation tools, and more. Most importantly, Certified Credit has earned an exceptional reputation for providing top-notch customer service. To learn more about Certified Credit’s products and services, call 1-800-769-7615 or visit www.certifiedcredit.com.