ICE Experience 2023

February 27- March 1, 2023 |Las Vegas, NV

Multi-faceted Mortgage Solutions

It's Time to Innovate, Automate, and Accelerate Your Business!
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Kiosk #12 

Today’s mortgage industry is built on powerful data analytics and innovative solutions, and no one knows that better than Encompass Users.

That’s why Certified Credit is ready to innovate, automate, and accelerate your business at ICE Experience 2023! We are here to support you with state-of-the-art technology, innovative solutions  to drive better customer relationships, more efficient workflows, and success at every stage of the mortgage lending process from pre-qualification to post-close.  

We know that your business requires one-of-a-kind mortgage solutions. As an innovative, trusted Encompass partner, we offer Encompass Users:

  • Direct integrations with your LOS system for seamless credit report ordering, verification of employment, flood zone determinations, customer retention, and more.
  • Customer Service comprised of cross-trained and enthusiastic FCRA-Certified experts.
  • Intuitive and tailored approach that allows us to build enhancements into and around your workflow.
  • Streamlined solutions from the initial concept, to training, to making an impact for your borrowers.
  • Innovative products and partners to bring you the products and services you need to grow your business today and into the future.
  • Diverse, people-focused approach offers fresh perspectives and novel solutions that will help you reach the emerging and diverse markets of the future.
  • Creative Pricing and custom reports to best fit with your loan process and business model.
  • Advanced, technology-driven solutions for verification of employment and income, customer retention, fraud and risk mitigation, and credit reporting.

Data-Driven Solutions for Modern Mortgage Lending

Cascade isn’t just automation. It’s the future of mortgage lending.

In a new era of loan manufacturing, automation is the key to attracting more qualified borrowers, streamlined loan origination, and enhancing the lender and borrower experience.


Get the Best of Both Worlds: Automated VOE & Cost-Efficient Consumer Permission

What happens when you pair a rule-based, automated engine and the ability to leverage consumer permission-based VOE?

You get a data-driven solution at a predictable cost and standardized ordering, the ability to control the flow of vendor flow, a streamlined mortgage manufacturing process with milestone ordering, and a consistent borrower experience that allows you to cut processing time while maintaining loan quality.
Learn about these benefits and more at Kiosk #12.

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Give Your Business a Boost: Accelerate Your Lead Generation & Customer Retention

Transforming your lead generation and customer retention has never been easier than with Cascade Alerts and Cascade Leads.

Cascade Alerts

Cascade Alerts monitors your current customers and past clients – NO FIRM OFFER OF CREDIT REQUIRED— and delivers proactive borrower insights when a customer is in the market for a new loan or shopping with a competitor right to your Velocify lead management solution. With tailored filtering for eligibility, reporting and analysis, and alert delivery (SMS, email, CRM integration, and more), this compliant, cost-effective solution pays for itself by keeping your most valuable borrowers coming back to you, improving bottom-line results.

Cascade Leads

Driving ROI in today’s mortgage market begins with the right combination of data, analytics, and innovative technology – and the right partner.

By pairing focused customer insights – based on a list of prescreened leads – and the market expertise of our lead generation specialists, Cascade Leads helps you deliver highly targeted offers and messaging to specific segments of potential homebuyers. So, you can bring more precision to your marketing efforts and focus spending on leads that are the most likely to convert.

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Keep It Simple: Innovate Your Credit Reporting Process & Improve Your Bottom Line

Now more than ever before, lenders are looking to reduce credit reporting costs and simplify the borrower and lender experience.

Cascade Prequal makes it easy for you to customize the borrower journey and turn prospects into loyal customers by explaining their loan options up front – without triggering competitor monitoring or alerts! By providing a unique digital experience, this prequalification solution meets compliance requirements and captures consumer permission so your lender can quickly and cost-effectively evaluate your applicants’ creditworthiness.

Plus, Cascade Prequal enables you to further streamline the prequalification process and control costs by automating report selection – choosing a one, two, or all three-bureau soft pull based on your credit thresholds.

Learn about these benefits and more at Kiosk #12.

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Advice from Our Data Nerd!

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Connect with Our Team at ICE Experience 2023

What happens when you bring together the power of the industry’s most-recognized Loan Origination Software and a multi-faceted mortgage solutions partner? Connect with our team during ICE Experience 2023 to learn how you can empower your mortgage lending operations by pairing industry-leading technology and passionate service from Certified Credit with your Encompass platform.


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