The More Than Just a Score Culture


The More Than Just a Score Culture

January 20, 2022
Certified Credit

The mortgage and credit reporting industries are changing. What used to be considered a commodity, is now anything but! Today, a credit score is about people, families, and lasting memories.

To support not only the modern, digital mortgage process but also this emotionally charged buying decision, it takes more than innovative products and technology. It takes a heart and people-focused approach.

Most businesses think that this approach can be taught through training and practice. As a credit reporting agency and mortgage solutions partner, we know that serving our customers and their borrowers begins with building the right team. And, more importantly, corporate culture.

During the annual Certified Sales Summit, our team sat down with Dalila Ramos of Taco Tuesday to talk about how our corporate culture is the foundation of all we do. Beyond reports, we’re motivated by people and it all starts with a respectful, helpful, and customer-oriented team.

Watch the video clips below to hear what our team has to say about the Team Certified Corporate Culture. See the full episode on LinkedIn.

A Culture of Respect

John LaBriola – Vice President of Sales

It’s all about the golden rule – treat others the way you want to be treated. When it comes to developing meaningful, trusting relationships with our Certified Team and our customers respect is a key component. So, what does that look like for our team? Having open and honest conversations, valuing one another’s time and skillsets, and being aware and accountable.


A Culture of Inclusion

Marisol Pintado – Client Success Manager

Diversity and inclusion are more than a policy or program. It’s an environment where unique ideas and fresh perspectives can be shared freely. It’s an environment where all are accepted and embraced, no matter who they are or where they come from. As a women-owned business with a strong presence from coast to coast, including Puerto Rico, we are proud to say 20% of our client success and support teams are fluently bilingual, helping to deliver an experience for our team, customers, and borrowers that is comfortable and easy.

Conversation Translation

Spanish English
Marisol Hola Dalila, Un placer conocerte y hablarte. Que te puedo decir cuando yo hablo o pienso en Certified Credit. Las primeras dos palabras que vienen a mi mente es diversidad e inclusión. Para mí es super importante. Impresionante, verdad? Y sobre todo, la inclusión y la diversidad. Sobre todo porque soy latina como tú. Verdad? Represento un mercado que es completamente latino y teniendo ese apoyo de la compañía en un 100% de todos las personas en el Upper Management, para mí es lo máximo. Y sobre todo porque mis clientes a sí mismo lo ven y lo experimentan. Hello Dalila, a pleasure to meet you and speak to you. What can I tell you? When I speak or think of Certified Credit, the first two words that come to my mind are diversity and inclusion. For me, it’s super important and impressive. Right? Above all else, inclusion and diversity. Especially because I am Latino like you. Right? I represent a market that is completely Latino and having that support from the company and 100% of all people in Upper Management, for me it is the best. And, especially because my customers see and experience it themselves.
Dalila to Marisol Me toca el corazón porque es la primera vez que estoy hablando en español en Taco Tuesday. It touches my heart because it’s my first time speaking in Spanish on Taco Tuesday.
It’s emotional. It’s off-topic here. This is my first Taco Tuesday that I was able to talk in Spanish. Thank you Certified.
Marisol to Dalila Ah, entiendo perfectamente. I understand perfectly.
That happens all the time. We find someone who speaks our language and it’s different.
Gracias, Dalila! Thank you, Dalila!
Dalila to Marisol Un placer. Muchísimas gracias, Marisol. A pleasure. Thank you very much, Marisol.

A Culture of Support

Paul Robinson – Regional Vice President

No matter how many years you have been in the industry, we all need a helping hand from time to time. For our team, that means working together to overcome challenges. For our customers, our team is right there in the trenches with you — identifying process efficiencies, finding innovative technical solutions, and holding your borrower’s hand every step of the way.


A Culture of Collaboration

Sam Markwood – Vice President of Client Success

They say “it takes an army”, we like to say, “it takes collaboration”. By working together, our cross-functional teams are able to develop creative solutions to the challenges our customers see every day. Our team’s diverse skill sets and unique perspectives help ensure you always have a trusted partner you can rely on to take your concerns to heart and actively works to find custom solutions.


A Culture of Family

Nicole Mattiello – Vice President of Marketing & Corporate Communication

When you think about a workplace, the word family doesn’t often come to mind. But, our team often uses family to describe our community of compassionate and authentic coworkers. With a shared passion for customer success and trusting partnerships, team members feel inspired to think innovatively, generously encourage their fellow coworkers, and foster lasting relationships with their customers, borrowers, and other mortgage industry professionals.


A Culture of Problem Solvers

Ron Carlson – Senior Vice President of Product Development

In an evolving industry, like mortgage lending, every day presents a new challenge and advancement is always on the horizon. Driven by customer need, our product development team promotes a corporate culture of problem-solving to improve daily processes, develop tailored products, and streamline solutions from the initial concept, to training, to making an impact for your borrowers – and your bottom line.


Culture of More Than Just a Score.

Lucy Kereta-Block – CEO & Founder

You, your customers, and our team members are more than just a score. While the advent of the digital mortgage has removed some of the personal interaction of the mortgage process, we are still an industry built on personal connections and people. While our Certified Credit team continues to deliver innovative products and superior technology, we do it all with our customers in mind – putting people first, showing integrity always, sharing responsibility, communicating kindly,  and caring for the community.


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