SSA-89 Verification

Prevent identity fraud with instant SSN verification

Minimize the risk of fraud and identity theft during the loan application process with a credit partner you can trust to help you navigate the ever-changing regulatory compliance landscape.


Instant Answers

Our hassle-free SSA-89 Verification service allows you to quickly and easily complete the required Social Security number (SSN) Verifications that are an essential part of the mortgage process via e-signature (Esign) or wet signature.


Ensure Accuracy

Our direct connection to the Social Security Administration delivers fast results and gives you confidence that the SSN matches the applicant’s name on file. 

Reduce Risk

Detect fraud before it has a chance to derail your closing and affect your profitability.

Flexible, Simplified Ordering

Accessibility via PointServices platform, LOS and API custom integration offer efficient ordering of SSA-89 e-signature or wet signature.

Enhance QC

Conform to secondary market requirements and LQI standards and enhance the quality of your portfolio.

Simplify Compliance

Meet investor requirements by verifying a borrower’s SSN against a database of over 150 million households, 200 million consumers, and 25 million businesses.

Faster, Streamlined Validation

SSA-89 Esign validates Consumer SSN directly with Social Security Administration (SSA) and capture your borrowers consent without unnecessary delay caused by leaving the borrower's digital environment.

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From comprehensive, investor-approved ADV-120 Fraud Reports to Flex ID Smart Select Shield to SSA-89 Verification, our solutions not only prevent fraud at the earliest stages of the mortgage process but also protect you from unnecessary costs by verifying critical entry errors. Learn how you can benefit from our Fraud & Risk Mitigation solutions by requestion a demo with our fraud experts!

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