Liens & Judgments Report

Reduce default risk by filling the data gap

Now that borrower liens and judgements are omitted from the credit report, you need additional information to make a sound lending decision.


A Complete Picture

Studies show that consumers with a lien or judgment against them are twice as likely to wind up in default. Ensure you have the complete picture of your applicant with Certified Credit’s Liens & Judgments Report.


Comprehensive Credit Profile

Avoid default risk by filling in borrower data gaps with information on bankruptcy filings, tax liens, collections and judgments.

Accurate Information

We’ve partnered with best-in-class providers to deliver the most current and accurate information possible to ensure you’re positioned to make a sound lending decision.

FCRA & GSE Compliant

Ensure FCRA compliance while also fulfilling GSE and secondary market requirements to identify all open liens and judgments.

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From comprehensive, investor-approved ADV-120 Fraud Reports to Flex ID Smart Select Shield to Liens & Judgments Reports, our solutions not only prevent fraud at the earliest stages of the mortgage process but also protect you from unnecessary costs by verifying critical entry errors. Learn how you can benefit from our Fraud & Risk Mitigation solutions by requestion a demo with our fraud experts!

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More Than Just a Score

At Certified Credit, we deliver more than just a score. We provide industry-leading information and analytics with expertise and technology you can rely on to fuel your business. 

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"Certified Credit is much better in terms of staff and customer service than other companies I've worked with before. Their technology is excellent. Every experience I have with Certified Credit is a good one."

- Mortgage Loan Officer