Refresh Credit Report

Ensure smooth sailing at closing & prevent fallouts

A lot can happen between application and closing that can impact your lending decision. Protect your reputation and your investment of time with Certified Credit's Refresh Credit Report. This solution monitors borrower activity throughout the loan process and alerts you to activities that could put the closing at risk.


Solutions for Every Step of the Lending Lifecycle

Our Refresh Credit Report is part of a full suite of solutions that can take you from pre-qualification to closing. Using state-of-the-art technology and best-in-class analytics, we enable you to move prospects quickly and confidently from applicants to homeowners. 


Real-Time Monitoring

We alert you as new activity occurs to enable you to continuously measure borrower creditworthiness.

Comprehensive File

Our report checks for new inquiries, new liabilities, slow or missed payments, and other activity that could affect your borrower's creditworthiness.


You determine how frequently you want to receive our easy-to-interpret notifications.

LQI Compliant

Our report helps you ensure the quality of your loans and compliance with secondary market guidelines.

Ready to Explore Industry-Leading Credit Reporting Solutions?

Whether you need a single bureau, two bureaus, or the industry-standard tri-merge credit report, our FCRA experts have you covered with automated prequalification solutions, mortgage comparison reports, refresh reports, and more. Learn how Certified Credit's full suite of industry-leading mortgage credit reporting solutions can help you  uncover a comprehensive view of your applicant's credit-worthiness. 

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More Than Just a Score

At Certified Credit, we deliver more than just a score. We provide industry-leading information and analytics with expertise and technology you can rely on to fuel your business. 

  • Credit Reports
  • Fraud & Risk Mitigation
  • Property
  • Employment Screening
  • Score Improvement Tools
  • Third-Party Verifications
  • Client Acquisition & Retention
  • Tenant Screening

"I always appreciate the valued communication Certified Credit shows us. I have been on the processing side as well as the business development side and I never worry about how quickly the Certified team will get back to me."

- Mortgage Loan Officer