Portfolio Review

Strategically manage the health of your portfolio

Lending isn’t a fund it and forget it proposition. You need to regularly monitor the performance of your portfolio to measure and mitigate potential risks that may threaten your profitability.


Powerful Insights to Drive Your Business

Certified Credit’s Portfolio Review solution is designed to help you keep your finger on the pulse of your funded loans with monthly, quarterly, or annual evaluations.


Measure Risk

Prevent defaults by detecting warning signs such as increasing inquiries, escalating credit, or trending late payments.

Manage Performance

Prioritize collection efforts on loans that carry the greatest risk.

Identify Opportunities

Spot where you have a chance to offer additional services and deepen your relationship.

Improve Retention

Review inquiries to determine and address potential run off risk.

See Our Fraud & Risk Solutions in Action!

From comprehensive, investor-approved ADV-120 Fraud Reports to Flex ID Smart Select Shield to Portfolio Review, our solutions not only prevent fraud at the earliest stages of the mortgage process but also protect you from unnecessary costs by verifying critical entry errors. Learn how you can benefit from our Fraud & Risk Mitigation solutions by requestion a demo with our fraud experts!

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More Than Just a Score

At Certified Credit, we deliver more than just a score. We provide industry-leading information and analytics with the expertise and technology you can rely on to fuel your business. 

  • Credit Reports
  • Fraud & Risk Mitigation
  • Property
  • Employment Screening
  • Score Improvement Tools
  • Third-Party Verifications
  • Client Acquisition & Retention
  • Tenant Screening

"Certified Credit is superior to other providers - with longevity that I count on when doing business."

- Top Tier Mortgage Lender