Certified Credit Shows Support for Mortgage Industry Collaboration at TMC Days, Miami Nights Conference


Certified Credit Shows Support for Mortgage Industry Collaboration at TMC Days, Miami Nights Conference

March 15, 2022
Certified Credit

Leading mortgage solutions provider, Certified Credit announces sponsorship of a women’s networking event at The Mortgage Collaborative’s TMC Days, Miami Nights in Miami, Florida, a gathering of industry innovators and experts to share solutions to the current challenges and emerging threats mortgage lenders face.


Since its founding in 1984, Certified Credit has grown to be a leading provider of mortgage solutions for lenders nationwide. Guided by a desire to address challenges in lending, Certified Credit is committed to drawing on the contributions of people from various educational backgrounds, races, genders, and experiences. TMC Days, Miami Nights hosted by The Mortgage Collaborative (TMC), will provide the ideal venue to exchange ideas with other lending professionals and share their approach to industry-specific problems. 

Although the company has the experience and expertise of a nationwide organization, Certified Credit maintains the drive of a start-up when identifying and solving lending challenges. A WBENC certified, woman-owned business, Certified Credit recognizes that diversity in the workplace fosters the type of innovation and problem-solving necessary for success. They value unique perspectives and opinions by maintaining diversity in the workplace.

As a part of TMC Days, Miami Nights, Certified Credit will be sponsoring a women’s networking event with Lopa Kolluri, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary (PDAS) for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

“Minorities and women have much to offer in this industry,” said Lucy Kereta-Block, Founder and CEO of Certified Credit. “Our goal is to foster an environment where they can share their expertise and ideas, as well as build supportive networks with others in their field. We hope this collaboration will inspire them to become leaders and innovators who develop and implement solutions to challenges in the mortgage industry.”

Networking and information-sharing will be top priorities at the TMC Days, Miami Nights Conference. Topics addressed in sessions and break-out conversations are sure to include methods for improving lending process efficiency, advertising in a purchase-driven lending and real estate market, tools for mortgage income and employment verifications, and reducing risk in an industry plagued by an ever increasing amount of fraud. 

“The challenges facing the mortgage industry, and lenders in particular, are constantly changing,” remarked Block. “And identifying new, cutting-edge solutions is going to require the expertise, knowledge, and experience that comes from pooling the knowledge of industry experts in settings such as the TMC Days, Miami Nights. Working together we can find new, effective ways to address everyday challenges.”

As a certified Dodd-Frank, Section 342 vendor, Certified Credit fully realizes the benefits of bringing diverse ideas to the table to provide third party application verifications, tri-merge credit reports, and other crucial data points to their clients. To find out more about Certified Credit and how they use diversity as a catalyst to innovation , call 1-800-769-7615 or visit www.certifiedcredit.com.