Certified Credit Showcases New Digital Advances in Mortgage Lending Products at ICE Experience 2022


Certified Credit Showcases New Digital Advances in Mortgage Lending Products at ICE Experience 2022

March 6, 2022
Certified Credit

Certified Credit to highlight two innovative mortgage lending tools at the 3-day ICE Experience 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A nationally recognized leader in mortgage lending technology, Certified Credit seeks to provide innovative solutions to make the lending and borrowing processes more efficient while adhering to regulatory requirements. Their Cascade VOE and Cascade Alerts provide lenders with data-driven solutions to existing pain points in the mortgage industry. Their kiosk at the ICE Experience 2022 will offer a unique opportunity for lenders to learn more about these products and how they can benefit from adopting them through live demonstrations. 

Certified Credit is a veteran in the mortgage lending space. With nearly 40 years of experience, as a mortgage lending solutions partner, they are intimately familiar with the everyday challenges of in-depth credit reporting, including mortgage fraud detection, client retention, and lead generation. Their suite of solutions directly addresses these problems that can undermine or bottleneck loans. 

“As a company, our focus is on our clients,” stated Lucy Kereta-Block, Founder and CEO of Certified Credit. “Every product or service that we offer provides a specific and real business challenge, which makes it exciting to share with our clients and other industry professionals. We look forward to showing lenders a better way to do business using tools they may not know are available to them yet.”

ICE Experience 2022, hosted by ICE Mortgage Technology, is returning to a live, in-person event at the Wynn in Las Vegas this year. Industry experts will present on topics such as emerging technologies, compliance changes, sales strategies, and current trends in mortgage lending. There will also be valuable networking opportunities.

Certified Credit takes a unique approach to mortgage innovation. Their data driven lending solutions have proven helpful to small brokers and larger lenders alike. 

    • The Cascade VOE helps streamline the process of employment verification for lenders by leveraging a multilevel Cascade. Automated VOE saves lenders time and money by improving the efficiency and eliminating human error.
    • Cascade Alerts provides an automated tool to assist lenders in anticipating the lending needs of past clients in the market for a loan, providing a cost-effective strategy to increase customer retention.

“Mortgage lending is a highly competitive industry,” remarked Kereta-Block. “As a result, it can be challenging for lenders to provide a smooth customer experience while ensuring regulatory compliance. Our Cascade product suite simplifies the lending process with intuitive automation and data driven solutions, helping lenders perform proper verifications to mitigate risk and reduce the cost and hassle associated with manual verification and customer monitoring.”

Certified Credit knows that behind each credit score is a person or a family seeking a loan for a home, a vacation property, or investment. As such, they value their relationship with each client and focus on providing efficient processes and providing innovative technical solutions to provide each one with a first-class borrowing experience. To learn more about the products and services that Certified Credit offers lenders nationwide, call 1-800-769-7615 or visit www.certifiedcredit.com.