Certified Credit Seizes Opportunity to Build Connections With Lenders at MBA Servicing Solutions Conference


Certified Credit Seizes Opportunity to Build Connections With Lenders at MBA Servicing Solutions Conference

February 18, 2022
Certified Credit

Consumer credit reseller, Certified Credit announces plans to leverage networking opportunities at the 2022 MBA Servicing Solutions Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida to share their innovative business solutions for lenders.

Certified Credit remains focused on growing its business as a nationwide mortgage solutions provider by simplifying the lending process through digitalization and technology. Their solutions offer a wide range of services to relieve bottlenecks that slow down mortgage processing from pre-qualification to closing. The 2022 MBA (Mortgage Bankers Association) Servicing Solutions Conference and Expo, will provide a unique opportunity to network with other mortgage professionals and educate others about the benefits of their new Cascade Alerts and Cascade VOE products. 

While their business operations reflect the expertise of a seasoned industry leader, Certified Credit remains passionate about providing a high-touch customer experience to every client. Since its founding in 1984, the company has grown to be the single largest mortgage services provider by leveraging advances in technology to make lending smoother without sacrificing quality or integrity. 

“Taking our cues from current technology trends adopted by businesses around us, we consistently strive to create innovative solutions to assist lenders with the existing mortgage process,“ said Lucy Kareta-Block, Founder and CEO. “We identify steps in the lending process that we can improve from lead generation to credit reporting to employment verification and mortgage fraud detection. We find a better way to do it, and we are excited to share these new opportunities with service providers at the upcoming MBA Conference.”

Being held in person in Orlando, Florida this year, the annual MBA Servicing Solutions Conference and Expo is a yearly event attended by thousands of mortgage servicers. The conference focuses on creating professional connections, sharing industry knowledge, and discovering new solutions available to mortgage lenders. MBA members and non-members alike are invited to attend. Certified Credit’s focus this year will be on highlighting the advantages of their new Cascade VOE and Cascade Alerts.

The Cascade VOE is Certified Credit’s solution to streamlining verification of employment for mortgages. This unique product offers cost savings over traditional manual verifications, as lenders are not charged unless it returns a hit. Using an automated system to perform verification reduces processing time and eliminates the possibility of human error, ensuring that VOE is completed quickly and accurately.

Retaining current customers is a significant cost saving for lenders over new customer acquisition, and Certified Credit’s Cascade Alerts helps automate customer retention efforts for mortgage providers. Constantly scanning databases for mortgage shoppers and comparing them against existing customer records, Cascade Alerts can notify lenders when their customers are actively looking to purchase a home or refinance their current loan. Allowing lenders to pursue high-quality leads proactively can significantly impact customer retention efforts. 

To learn more about Certified Credit and the suite of mortgage tools and services they offer lenders, call 1-800-769-7615 or visit www.certifiedcredit.com.