Certified Credit Releases New Automated Prequalification Solution, Cascade Prequal


Certified Credit Releases New Automated Prequalification Solution, Cascade Prequal

May 17, 2022
Certified Credit

Certified Credit Releases New Automated Prequalification Solution, Cascade Prequal

Certified Credit highlights a new mortgage lending solution, Cascade Prequal, that simplifies the prequalification process.

Founded in 1985, Certified Credit has been an innovator in the mortgage industry for many decades. Certified Credit’s latest solution for mortgage lenders is called Cascade Prequal. Cascade Prequal can simplify the prequalification process using advanced automation. 

With Cascade Prequal, mortgage lenders can select soft pull credit reports based on their unique credit thresholds. After customizing their credit report preferences, Cascade Prequal’s powerful automation takes care of the rest. According to Founder and CEO of Certified Credit, Lucy Kereta-Block, “Cascade Prequal streamlines the prequalification process from start to finish.” 

Cascade Prequal also makes it easy for lenders to offer applicants a digitized prequalification experience. It integrates seamlessly with customer-facing websites. After applicants submit their information to lenders online, instant offers are generated automatically. These offers can be reviewed and edited directly within lenders’ Prequal portal. As Cascade Prequal does the hard work, mortgage lenders can acquire more qualified leads at a lower cost.

“As the mortgage market moves away from refinances to new purchases and builds, prequalification is an increasingly valuable marketing strategy for mortgage lenders,” stated Kereta-Block. “Whether applicants initially qualify or not, prequalification allows lenders to forge timely relationships with aspiring homeowners.” 

Here are a few benefits of Cascade Prequal’s notable features:

  • Prequalification can help lenders cast a wider net — Cascade Prequal is easy to set up and integrate with existing systems. Once a lender offers prequalification on their website, they can attract more potential borrowers into their sales pipeline early on. Since prequalification doesn’t put applicants’ credit scores at risk, more people may be inclined to fill out these types of applications.
  • Prequalification helps qualified buyers stand out to sellers — Cascade Prequal offers applicants instant results regarding their creditworthiness. Applicants who prequalify can use their prequalified status to show sellers that they’re serious and eligible for a mortgage, moving them through mortgage lenders’ sales pipelines faster. Since Cascade Prequal won’t trigger hard pull credit monitoring alerts, it can help mortgage lenders build relationships with aspiring homeowners without alerting their competition.
  • Credit score improvement opportunities — Finally, Cascade Prequal gives lenders a comprehensive look at their applicants’ creditworthiness. In turn, it gives them an opportunity to forge supportive relationships with applicants who may need to work on their credit scores. If an applicant doesn’t prequalify for a loan product, lenders can offer customized suggestions on how to improve their credit score over the next few months. Certified Credit has many helpful credit score improvement tools to facilitate this process. By supporting applicants along their journeys to homeownership, lenders can cultivate strong customer loyalty.

Cascade Prequal is just one of the many transformative tools offered by Certified Credit. Certified Credit has a suite of solutions for mortgage lenders of all sizes. Certified Credit’s products address common lending pain points, such as waning customer retention and time-consuming verification of income and employment (VOE). Each of Certified Credit’s tools adheres to regulatory requirements, making compliance a breeze. 

With the help of Certified Credit’s data-driven tools, mortgage lenders can fortify their sales pipelines, lower their operating costs, and scale their businesses, all while remaining in compliance. To learn more about Certified Credit’s products and services, call 1-800-769-7615 or visit www.certifiedcredit.com.