Certified Credit Releases Latest Mortgage Lending Solution, Automated Supplements


Certified Credit Releases Latest Mortgage Lending Solution, Automated Supplements

August 22, 2023
Certified Credit

Leading mortgage solutions provider, Certified Credit, releases their latest product, Automated Supplements, which facilitates hassle-free credit supplements and speeds up turnaround times by more than 50% over traditional methods.*

Founded in 1985, Certified Credit has created innovative solutions for mortgage lenders for nearly 40 years. Its solutions solve common workflow challenges, ranging from time-consuming verifications of income and employment (VOE) to insufficient borrower retention rates. Certified Credit’s latest release, Automated Supplements, solves the problems seen with traditional credit supplements—namely, poor security, disruptive processes, and inconvenience.

Automated Supplements allow borrowers to provide their financial information for tradeline updates online. In turn, they can skip the hassle of joining a conference call with their lender and credit reporting agency, like Certified Credit. This tool sends borrowers a secure link that leads to a unique landing page. Once they’re there, borrowers simply need to log into the financial accounts associated with their tradeline updates. After that, Automated Supplements automatically adds an Automated Supplement Report to their credit file. 

“These days, many borrowers feel uncomfortable sharing their financial data over the phone,” said Lucy Kereta-Block, Founder and CEO of Certified Credit. “Automated Supplements eliminate the need for these antiquated conference calls, making the process more secure and convenient for everyone involved.”

Here are just a few benefits mortgage lenders can expect when they add Automated Supplements to their tech stacks:

  • Automated Supplements can streamline their workflows – Carving out time for conference calls can be inconvenient for borrowers and lenders alike. By digitizing the credit supplement process, Automated Supplements simplifies lenders’ origination workflows.  
  • Automated Supplements enhance the borrower experience – Modern borrowers increasingly expect digitized processes when they apply for loans. Automated Supplements can help lenders satisfy these expectations. Better yet, this tool can help borrowers feel more secure about sharing their sensitive financial information with a third party.  
  • Automated Supplements facilitate faster loan originations – Without Automated Supplements, the credit supplement ordering process can take up a lot of time. Lenders often have to wait hours to receive results. Fortunately, Automated Supplements yields real-time results. Thus, it can expedite turnaround times by over 50%.* 
  • Automated Supplements allow for customization – To use Automated Supplements, lenders simply need to initiate a credit supplement request. After that, this tool can generate a customizable email template, which lenders can edit to suit their brand’s unique voice.  
  • Automated Supplements provide more accurate results – As the game of telephone so clearly displays, verbal verifications are error-prone, especially when compared to their digital counterparts. By digitizing the credit supplement process, Automated Supplements can enhance the accuracy of credit supplement reports, increasing lenders’ success rate by up to 35%.*
  • Automated Supplements support strong borrower relationships – When it comes to the mortgage lending process, modern-day borrowers value transparency, security, and speed. Automated Supplements conveniently delivers all three. In turn, lenders who use this tool can quickly establish more trust and confidence with their borrowers and hopefully win over their referrals for years to come.  

These benefits can help mortgage lenders of all sizes optimize their operations. According to Lucy Kereta-Block, “This borrower-driven tool empowers mortgage applicants to decide when and how they share their financial data—it also frees up lenders’ time by cutting out unnecessary conference calls or tracking down documentation. It’s truly a win-win solution.”

Certified Credit will host its first live demonstration of Automated Supplements on September 11, 2023, at The Mortgage Collaborative’s (TMC) “Music to My Ears” Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Lenders attending this event can get a first-hand look into how this tool can enhance their mortgage lending business. 

About Certified Credit

Automated Supplements is just one of Certified Credit’s cutting-edge solutions. As a full-service credit company, Certified Credit offers many other tech-savvy tools, from automated VOE to affordable credit reports. All of its solutions comply with regulatory requirements. To learn more about Certified Credit’s products and services, call 1-800-769-7615 or visit www.certifiedcredit.com.

*The statistics provided regarding faster turn times and potential time savings are based on one-touch supplement methods and may vary depending on individual circumstances and the specific lender’s processes. These figures are provided for informational purposes only and are not a guarantee of actual results.