Certified Credit Announces Attendance at the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Annual Convention and Expo 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Certified Credit Announces Attendance at the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Annual Convention and Expo 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

September 14, 2023
Certified Credit

Certified Credit will attend MBA Annual 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where it plans to share valuable insights into how mortgage lenders can take more control of their business outcomes.

The MBA hosts a highly-anticipated real estate and finance convection and expo every year. This year, it’s taking place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from Sunday, October 15th, to Wednesday, October 18th. As the largest national conference of its kind, the MBA Annual brings together mortgage professionals from across the country. This year, a leading mortgage solutions provider, Certified Credit, will be in attendance.

During the event, Certified Credit will highlight ways for mortgage lenders to take more control of their businesses amidst 2023’s uncertain market conditions. According to CEO and Founder of Certified Credit, Lucy Kereta-Block, “Currently, many lenders feel like they don’t have much control over their business outcomes. Despite this year’s volatility, lenders still have a lot of influence over their operations. Our mission is to help lenders seize this control and use it to drive their success.”

Throughout MBA Annual 2023, the Certified Credit team will be available to share strategies that can help mortgage lenders take control of their:

  • Loan origination costs – Loan origination costs have been increasing steadily, putting a dent in many mortgage lenders’ profit margins. Cost-conscious mortgage lenders can bring down their expenses by leveraging the right tools. Many of Certified Credit’s solutions can help lenders slash their origination costs. For instance, its suite of Cascade automated solutions can make many aspects of mortgage lending more efficient and affordable, from lead generation to verification of income and employment.

  • Bottom lines – Reducing loan origination costs is just one way to improve mortgage lending businesses’ profitability. Lenders can bolster their bottom lines in a number of other ways. For instance, they can monitor their applicants’ undisclosed debt through closing, take proactive steps to prevent inaccurate credit report orders, set strategic credit report ordering parameters, reference advanced property valuations before underwriting, and use CFPB and secondary market-compliant fraud and risk mitigation tools. Certified Credit has innovative products that can facilitate each of these objectives.

  • Borrower and lender experience – Since mortgage lending is such a people-focused business, it’s vital that lenders foster positive relationships with their applicants and loan officers. Digitizing workflows, employing time-saving automation, and providing much-needed credit education are just a few ways to achieve this aim. 

“Mortgage lenders who innovate now will fare much better than those who simply wait around for interest rates to drop, borrower confidence to increase, and the market to turn around,” said Lucy Kereta-Block. “At Certified Credit, we provide tools that allow lenders to take proactive ownership of their outcomes so they’re prepared for the next boom.”

In addition to Certified Credit’s forward-thinking product offerings, the company is known for its customer service. Its team can match mortgage lenders with the right solutions for their unique goals and lending workflows. What’s more, the company has a support staff that’s 25% bilingual, giving growth-minded mortgage lenders an excellent example of how to build out their teams to better support an increasingly diverse housing market. 

MBA Annual 2023 attendees who want to connect with Certified Credit can do so throughout the event. The Certified Credit team will be available to meet with mortgage lenders and other housing professionals to share insights and swap solutions. To set up a meeting with Certified Credit at MBA Annual 2023, call 1-800-769-7615 or visit Certifiedcredit.com/certified-credit-at-mba-annual-23/.

About Certified Credit

Since 1986, Certified Credit has produced cutting-edge solutions for mortgage lenders. Their products and services help mortgage lenders streamline their workflows and strengthen their resiliency. By regularly attending national events, like MBA Annual 2023, Certified Credit stays abreast of mortgage lenders’ challenges so it can continue crafting constructive solutions.