MBA Annual 23

Oct 15-18, 2023 | Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia

Multi-faceted Mortgage Solutions

Take Control of Your Lending Process at MBA Annual 23 with Certified Credit!

In today's market, it can be tough to feel like you have control over anything. From rising origination costs to,  growing borrower expectations, to increased competition for business, time, and resources, mortgage lending has become an uphill battle.

That's why now is the time to seize control of your process, operations, and outcomes!  With more than 45 years experience, Certified Credit understands the challenges lenders face, and our goal is to empower you with solutions that enhance borrower outcomes and build resilience in any market.  As an innovative, trusted partner, we offer our clients:

  • Smart cost management strategies that are all about tackling expenses rather than just hoping prices will drop.
  • Automation to standardizes lending and underwriting across their entire organization for faster loan processing, improved consistency, and improved borrower satisfaction.
  • Intuitive and tailored approach that allows us to build enhancements into and around your workflow.
  • Innovative borrower acquisition & experience strategies through the use of digital prequalification, consumer-permissioned solutions, and more.
  • Innovative products and partners to bring you the services and results you need to grow your business today and into the future.
  • Diverse, people-focused approach offers fresh perspectives and novel solutions that will help you reach the emerging and diverse markets of the future. Plus, 25% of our support team is bi-lingual!
  • Advanced, technology-driven solutions for verification of employment and income, customer retention, fraud and risk mitigation, and credit reporting.

Say Goodbye to Conference Calls & Hello to Convenience with Hassle-Free Supplements!

In an industry where time, accuracy, and borrower satisfaction are paramount, this innovative  technology is designed to transform your credit supplementation process into a streamlined, efficient, and borrower-centric experience. Gone are the days of faxing endless forms, scheduling time-consuming conference calls, and relying on third-party intermediaries.

With Automated Credit Supplements, you take control of the process like never before. Our innovative platform empowers you to:

  • Simplify & expedite tradeline updates by enabling near real-time updates on a borrower's credit report with a few simple steps
  • Customize the borrower experience by allowing the borrower to decide when and how they provide their financial information for tradeline updates
  • Strengthen borrower relationships by offering a transparent and borrower-friendly process.
  • Enhance success rates by up to 35% compared to traditional verification methods!
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Uncover upcoming trends in the mortgage industry, the latest industry regulations, and solutions you need to grow your business today and into the future. Check out these articles from our FCRA-Certified professionals.


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Schedule time with our team during MBA Annual 23 and discover how you can incorporate automated lending technology and effective cost management solutions to  lower your origination costs, attract more applicants, and DRIVE SUCCESS IN ANY MARKET.