Certified Credit Announces Attendance at TMC’s “The Mane Event” Conference


Certified Credit Announces Attendance at TMC’s “The Mane Event” Conference

March 6, 2024
Certified Credit

Certified Credit to attend The Mortgage Collaborative’s “The Mane Event” Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, where it will present cost-saving solutions and industry insights.

The Mortgage Collaborative (TMC) hosts an annual conference that draws mortgage professionals from across the country. This year, “The Mane Event” is taking place in Louisville, Kentucky at the Omni Louisville Hotel from Sunday, March 24, to Tuesday, March 26. During the conference, mortgage lenders will have the opportunity to connect, network, and collaborate with many leading industry experts, including Certified Credit. 

As a TMC-preferred vendor, Certified Credit shares many of the same goals as TMC—to help mortgage lenders cut costs, enhance efficiencies, and provide a better borrower experience. “Our customers’ success is our top priority,” said Lucy Kereta-Block, Founder and CEO of Certified Credit. “We design our innovative technology to help lenders thrive no matter the market conditions.”

Using advanced automation, the following solutions from Certified Credit can help lenders cut costs and streamline their workflows:

  • Cascade Alerts – Cascade Alerts simplifies lead generation and borrower retention by automatically monitoring past and present borrowers’ credit reports. As soon as new mortgage-related inquiries are discovered, it alerts mortgage lenders within 24 hours.

    Lenders can customize their Cascade Alert settings to only share leads with them who meet their current eligibility criteria. After that, they can enjoy a steady stream of qualified leads and boost their borrower retention. Best of all, there’s no firm offer of credit required.

  • Cascade Undisclosed Debt Monitoring (UDM) – Cascade UDM is another low-cost solution that employs continuous credit monitoring to help lenders save time and money. This tool monitors applicants’ credit reports during the quiet period, which takes place between the initial application and loan closing.

    Cascade UDM searches for any credit activity that may suggest an applicant’s eligibility is at risk, such as spikes in debt or missed payments. By alerting lenders of these changes right away, they can resolve the issues before closing and prevent expensive loan fallout or repurchase demands.

  • Cascade Verification of Income and Employment (VOE) – Cascade VOE automates the process of ordering verifications of applicants’ income and employment. Lenders simply need to set up their customized cascade of third-party and consumer permission-based vendors.

By placing low-cost vendors at the top of the list, Cascade VOE can cycle through them first every time to maximize cost savings. As a result, Cascade VOE users save an average of 15% to 25% on their verifications right off the bat. Cascade VOE also generates itemized invoices, enabling lenders to pass along these reduced costs to their borrowers with ease.

  • Cascade Prequal – With the current interest rate and housing inventory predictions, many experts expect the mortgage market to pick up speed over the course of 2024. Lenders who want to capitalize on this upcoming upswing in business can keep their hard-earned leads away from the competition using Cascade Prequal. 

Cascade Prequal provides initial evaluations of applicants’ creditworthiness in minutes. It does so by comparing applicants’ data to lenders’ pre-set credit thresholds. Since it uses soft pull credit reports, Cascade Prequal won’t initiate trigger leads, giving lenders more time to instill loyalty in their applicants. Better yet, Cascade Prequal allows lenders to customize the types of soft pull credit reports they use based on their budgets. 

Along with its Cascade line, Certified Credit also provides affordable credit reports, automated credit supplements, property valuation tools, fraud and risk support, and many other innovative products and services. 

While Certified Credit has exceptional technology, what truly sets the company apart is its outstanding customer service. According to Lucy Kereta-Block, “Our Customer Support team is made up of 100% onshore FCRA-certified experts who are cross-trained on all of our products. They provide prompt resolutions to customer inquiries, enabling  lenders to spend less time troubleshooting and more time satisfying their borrowers.”

TMC attendees can learn more about Certified Credit’s innovative solutions and excellent customer service at the conference. 

About Certified Credit

Certified Credit has been serving mortgage lenders across the nation for nearly four decades. By addressing lenders’ most pressing needs and challenges, it has earned a reputation as a leading mortgage solutions provider and TMC-preferred vendor. To learn more about Certified Credit’s products and services, call 1-800-769-7615 or visit www.certifiedcredit.com.