Certified Credit Announces Attendance at the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Annual Convention and Expo 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee


Certified Credit Announces Attendance at the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Annual Convention and Expo 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee

October 10, 2022
Certified Credit

Certified Credit will attend the MBA Annual Convention and Expo 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee, where they will showcase their Cascade automated solutions and host live episodes of their Talk Data to Me podcast.

MBA’s Annual Convention and Expo is the largest national event for real estate and finance professionals. This year, it’s taking place at Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee from Sunday, October 23rd to Wednesday, October 26th. Certified Credit, a leading mortgage solutions provider, will be attending the convention, along with 760+ other companies.

During MBA Annual 2022, Certified Credit will be located at booth #1301. There, the team will host live episodes of their Talk Data to Me podcast with other industry experts and influencers. Some of the podcast topics will include the impact of the current economy, consumer debt, new down payment programs, gaps in homeownership, and high-interest rates on the mortgage industry. The podcast discussions will also review how data can drive solutions to these challenges and provide advice for lenders and borrowers alike.

Certified Credit will also host live demos of their growing Cascade product line. Cascade is a class of workflow automation solutions made specifically for mortgage lenders. “Cascade was created to tackle mortgage lenders’ most pervasive workflow challenges, from lagging lead generation to tedious verification of income and employment,” said Lucy Kereta-Block, Founder and CEO of Certified Credit. “Cascade’s automation can help lenders streamline their lending lifecycles, enhance efficiencies, and reduce costs.”

Certified Credit’s Cascade solutions include:

  • Cascade Alerts – Cascade Alerts solves the pressing problem of poor customer retention. It does so by monitoring the credit reports of mortgage lenders’ past and current customers. As soon as new mortgage-related inquiries are discovered, Cascade Alerts can notify mortgage lenders within 24 hours, giving them the timely heads-up they need to secure their hard-earned customers’ repeat business.
  • Cascade Prequal – Cascade Prequal allows mortgage lenders to prequalify applicants using soft pull credit reports from one, two, or all three bureaus. It helps lenders evaluate aspiring homeowners’ creditworthiness without ordering costly tri-merge credit reports, impacting applicants’ credit scores, or alerting the competition.
  • Cascade VOE – Cascade VOE streamlines the verification of income and employment process from start to finish using a rules-based engine. With Cascade VOE, mortgage lenders can customize their selection of vendor partners and submit a VOE request. After that, Cascade VOE will take care of the rest, reaching out to each vendor partner in order until it receives a hit. Once Cascade VOE returns a hit, it alerts lenders right away.
  • Cascade UDM – Cascade Undisclosed Debt Monitoring (UDM) checks on borrowers’ credit activity throughout the quiet period, which is the time between the initial credit pull and loan closing. It then notifies lenders of any credit activity that may impair a borrower’s eligibility or lead to costly fallout down the line.

When asked about the advantages of Cascade, Lucy Kereta-Block said, “Given the growing challenges of the current mortgage market, lenders can no longer afford to put up with inefficient processes. Many lenders are looking for solutions that can help them weather these uncertain times. Cascade’s automated solutions can do just that by simplifying origination processes and reducing the cost per loan manufactured. ”

In addition to Cascade, Certified Credit offers a full suite of mortgage lending solutions, which include affordable credit reports, flood determination, fraud detection, and much more. Certified Credit’s customers also gain access to the company’s exceptional FCRA-Certified customer service team. To learn more about Certified Credit’s products and services, call 1-800-769-7615 or visit www.certifiedcredit.com.

About Certified Credit

With nearly 40 years of industry expertise, Certified Credit understands the challenges that mortgage lenders face across the country. Certified Credit uses its nationwide insights to produce solutions for widespread workflow inefficiencies, ranging from undisclosed debt to lagging lead generation. Certified Credit is also a TMC-preferred vendor.