Certified Credit Announces Attendance at ICE Experience 2024


Certified Credit Announces Attendance at ICE Experience 2024

February 20, 2024
Certified Credit

Certified Credit to attend the ICE Experience 2024 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, where they will host live demonstrations of its mortgage lending solutions and provide invaluable industry insights.

As one of the mortgage industry’s largest annual technology conferences, the ICE Mortgage Experience brings together mortgage professionals, industry experts, and vendor partners from across the country. This year, the conference will take place from Monday, March 18th, to Wednesday, March 20th, at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel. Leading mortgage solutions provider, Certified Credit, will be attending the event.

The Certified Credit team will be stationed at Kiosk 10 where they’ll be hosting demos of their cutting-edge tech solutions, from automated verification of income and employment (VOE) to credit score improvement tools. “Today’s lenders are up against high credit reporting costs and quickly evolving market conditions,” said Lucy Kereta-Block, founder and CEO of Certified Credit. “Luckily, lenders can take control of their business outcomes by leveraging the right tools.”

Some of Certified Credit’s latest technology offerings include:

  • Automated lead generation – With lower interest rates looming in the near future, many homeowners may finally be ready to list their current homes and buy new ones.  As these borrowers start shopping for new loans, Cascade Alerts can alert their lenders in time for them to secure their repeat business. Cascade Alerts continuously monitors the credit reports of lenders’ past and present clients for mortgage-related inquiries. After that, it generates daily lead lists of borrowers who meet their lenders’ current eligibility criteria, along with their contact information. This low-cost lead generation tool can boost lenders’ borrower retention.
  • Automated prequalification – As more people enter the housing market, many will want to prequalify with potential lenders before finalizing their selection. Cascade Prequal allows lenders to offer instant prequalification to prospective applicants—they simply need to set their credit thresholds and credit report preferences, whether that’s a low-cost single-bureau file or a comprehensive three-bureau file. Once Cascade Prequal is up and running, it can evaluate applicants’ creditworthiness without alerting competitors via trigger leads. Lenders can use this time to establish positive relationships with their prospective borrowers.

  • Smart Select – Over the past couple of years, credit reporting costs have increased significantly. Fortunately, Smart Select empowers lenders to take control of their credit reporting expenses. It does so by ordering credit reports automatically according to lenders’ preferred parameters.

For example, Smart Select can order one-bureau or two-bureau files to see if applicants meet baseline credit thresholds. After that, it can upgrade qualifying applicants to a bi-merge or tri-merge. By ordering additional credit reports in stages, Smart Select helps lenders eliminate non-qualifying applicants as affordably as possible.

  • Automated VOE – Verifying applicants’ income and employment manually can be a hassle. Rather than wasting time on manual verifications, lenders can save time and money by implementing an automated tool, like Cascade VOE, instead.

    Cascade VOE facilitates faster and more consistent verifications by automating the ordering process. It allows lenders to customize their selection of third-party vendors and arrange them in their preferred order. Best of all, the Certified Credit team can manually fulfill any verifications that Cascade VOE can’t complete on its own.

  • Automated credit supplements – Automated Supplement is Certified Credit’s latest solution. It allows borrowers to share their financial data for tradeline updates via a secure link at their convenience, eliminating the need for time-consuming conference calls. 

These are just a few of the tech tools offered by Certified Credit. “Along with our innovative technology and seamless integrations, we pride ourselves on offering best-in-class customer service,” said Lucy Kereta-Block. “Our customer success team is based 100% onshore and boasts a 12-second speed of answer for all inbound inquiries.”

To learn more about Certified Credit’s top-notch solutions and customer service, make sure to stop by Kiosk 10 during ICE Experience 2024. 

About Certified Credit

For nearly 40 years, Certified Credit has produced advanced solutions for mortgage lenders, from affordable credit reports to fraud mitigation tools. Call 1-800-769-7615 or visit www.certifiedcredit.com to learn more about Certified Credit’s growing suite of products and services.