MBA's Independent Mortgage Bankers Conference (IMB22)

January 24-27, 2022 | Nashville, TN

Multi-faceted Mortgage Solutions

At Certified Credit, we understand that no two Independent Mortgage Bankers (IMBs) are the same. We know that your business requires one of a kind mortgage solutions that meet your unique needs and workflows along every step mortgage lending process from pre-qualification to post-close.

As a multi-faceted mortgage solutions partner, we offer IMBs:

  • Customer Service comprised of cross-trained and enthusiastic FCRA-Certified experts.
  • Intuitive and tailored approach that allows us to build enhancements into and around your workflow.
  • Streamlined solution from the initial concept, to training, to making an impact for your borrowers.
  • Innovative products and partners to bring you the products and services you need to grow your business today and into the future.
  • Diverse, people focused approach offers fresh perspectives and novel solutions that will help you reach the emerging and diverse markets of the future.
  • Creative Pricing and custom reports to best fit with your loan process and business model.
Mortgage Service Solutions

Schedule Time with Our Team During MBA's IMB22

Stop settling for mortgage solutions that squeeze your team into a box that doesn't fit! Connect with our team during MBA's Independent Mortgage Bankers Conference to explore hundreds of flexible mortgage options and tailored products to suit your specific needs.

Mortgage Service Solutions

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