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We offer a full suite of settlement services solutions from lead generation to post-closing QC and everything in-between.

Credit Reports

Fully integrated with and accepted by over one hundred AUS, LOS and POS systems, Certified Credit offers a variety of credit reports to meet your specific needs.

  • Mortgage Credit Report

Credit reports are available from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion credit agencies as a single bureau or as a merged report.

  • Refresh Credit Report

Available as soft or hard inquiries for lenders to comply with Fannie Mae’s Loan Quality Initiative. Available as a single bureau or as a merged report.

  • Comparison Report

Automatically compares two reports against each other. (E.g. Initial credit report versus the refresh report) and highlights the differences.

  • Certified Debt Tracker

An “always on” undisclosed debt monitoring report that offers immediate feedback of activity that may represent a risk to the loan process. Available as a one, two or three bureau solution.

  • Smart Select Credit Report

A fully customizable, auto upgrade feature to credit reports based on credit criteria that you choose. Go from a one to a three bureau, or a one to a two to a three bureau report only if the your lending criteria is met, saving you time and money.

  • Certified Smart Pay Credit Report

A consumer initiated, consumer authenticated and consumer paid for, credit report. Access a full consumer file and score at no cost to you.

  • Business Credit Report

Commercial Business Reports provided by Experian Small Business Services.

  • Employment Credit Report

Typically include a one bureau credit file with Instant-Criminal search.

Credit Report Tools
  • CreditXpert Credit Assure

Score improvement opportunity notifications right on your credit report.

  • CreditXpert Wayfinder

A step-by-step credit improvement plan for clients with addressable credit issues. (Previously known as Credit Essential or Credit Analyzer)

  • CreditXpert What-If Simulator

Customizable credit score forecasts. Simulate complex combinations of changes or simply look into the future.

  • Letter of Explanation

Also known as a Derogatory Letter, can be delivered with each credit report.

  • Risk Bases Pricing Notice Disclosure

A credit report add-on that includes both the Home Loan Score Disclosure and Risk Based Pricing Notice. Can be included as a mail out service.

  • Liens & Judgment Report

A public records search report available in a FCRA or GLBA version.

Lead Generation
  • Lead Generation Service

A single-bureau, low cost marketing lead solution.

  • In the Market Alerts

Powerful, pro-active, tri-bureau monitoring alert. Monitors your existing base of customers signaling you when they are “in the market” for a mortgage loan.

  • Predictive Lead Generation

Search according to your specific underwriting criteria aided by analytics that increase the accuracy of your marketing efforts.

Fraud and Risk
  • Certified Fraud Report

A comprehensive report that identifies fraud risks within a mortgage application and returns a single, concise report highlighting discrepancies between loan application data and public records.

  • Wire Fraud

A two-tiered solution that validates bank account ownership and account status and provides information on the Settlement Company or agent

Liens & Judgment Report

A public records search report available in a FCRA or GLBA version.

Helps protect your most valuable asset, your identity. Offers dependable, real-time identify theft protection.

4506 Tax Transcripts

Verifies the consumer’s 1040s, W2s, 1099s, 1120s, 1065s, etc. directly with the Internal Revenue Service.


Verifies the consumer’s social security number via a Match/No Match Response direct from the Social Security Administration.

ID Investigation Report

Summarizes public record data ensuring that ID elements are valid and associated with one individual.  This product checks: Name, Address, Phone, SSN Death Master file, DOB, OFAC, FinCen watch lists and provides a risk score.

  • ID Risk Review

Add-On report containing any of the following credit file alerts: Active Duty Alert, Address Alert, Fraud Alert, Credit File Freeze and SSN Alerts.

  • ID Safe Choice

Helps consumers re-establish their identity if they become a victim of consumer identity theft.

  • MERS Report

Searches for all liens registered with MERS under the borrower and/or co-borrower social security numbers.

  • Mortgage Participation Report

Also known as Exclusionary Reports, compares up to 20 names against various government exclusion lists.

  • Precise ID

Consumer Identity tools providing identity verification and fraud detection.  Tools provide an identify data report, or use knowledge-based interactive authentication.

Third Party Verifications

Third-party verifications help mitigate risk and afford you a “safe harbor.”

  • Instant Bank Verification

Paperless, third-party, fully secure alternative to manually delivered bank statements

  • Social Search

Bureau level search with recent addresses and provides names, addresses and Social Security Administration.

  • SSA-89

Verifies the consumer’s social security number via a Match/No Match Response direct from the Social Security Administration.

  • Tax Return 4506T

Verifies the consumer’s  1040s, W2s, 1099s, 1120s, 1065s, etc. directly with the Internal Revenue Service.

  • Verification of Employment

Available through The Work Number and as a manual verification.

  • Verification of Income

Available through The Work Number and as a manual verification.

  • Verification of Mortgage
A manual verification of a mortgage.
  • Verification of Deposit

Digital asset verification service.

  • Rapid Rescore

Allows corrections to a consumer’s credit file to be quickly updated.

  • Tradeline Update

Update credit report with the latest verified information.

Settlement Services
  • Flood Basic

A definitive determination of whether or not a subject property is located within a flood zone.

  • Flood Life of Loan

A definitive determination of whether or not a subject property is located within a flood zone that includes status tracking throughout the entire duration of the mortgage.

Flood Reports are available with Census Data (HMDA).

  • Appraisal

A full suite of Appraisal products

  • Automated Valuation Model

Residential property valuations available as a stand-alone or as a cascading product.

Client Retention
  • In the Market Alerts

Powerful, pro-active, tri-bureau monitoring alert. Monitors your existing base of customers signaling you when they are “in the market” for a mortgage loan.

  • Portfolio Review

Measure, manage and mitigate risk on your existing loan portfolio. Portfolio Analysis: Scores, Summary, Address, Third party verifications: Income and Asset Analysis Monitor/manage portfolios for risk determination and to identify up-sell opportunities

Close More Loans

With Certified Credit on your side, you benefit from our wealth of experience, incredible customer service and a full range of time-saving products that help you close more loans! 


Certified Credit is passionate about giving you accurate and reliable information so that your decisions lead to your best outcomes.

We Offer:

SSN Validation

ID verification is step one for any background check. Is your candidate who they say they are? We handle each and every request with finesse and professionalism, because your company’s reputation and success are on the line.

Employment Verification

A candidate’s full employment history can tell you much more than their resume. We’ll verify everything, from job title to responsibilities, employment duration to salary, so you know who you’re hiring.

Business Credit Reports

Establishing risk in companies you’re unfamiliar with is key to deciding whether to work with them, and at what price. Critical data points like trades, bankruptcies, and tax liens paint a fuller picture.

In-File Credit Reports

Certified Credit works with all major credit bureaus to obtain your candidate’s accurate credit information and history. Learn about your prospects possible bankruptcies, lawsuits, collections, as well as credit history and other metrics of fiscal responsibility.

License Verification

It is 76% likely that the job experiences you’re reading on that resume have been embellished (OfficeTeam, 2017). Make sure your candidate actually has the educational and professional verifications they say they do.

Motor Vehicle Records Search

For positions with driving responsibilities, validating a DMV record is critical. For all others, an employee’s accidents, citations, and revocations may still be telling.

Civil Search

Civil case records can be just as important as criminal records when it comes to the reputation of your organization. Certified Credit searches both Federal & County civil case databases to report legal disputes and their outcomes.

Criminal Search

Employers that need a criminal search have to contend with a messy range of information databases and differing regulatory environments at the metro, state, and federal levels. Certified Credit has access to the information you need, and the know-how to do the search accurately and reliably.

Fraud Alert

Integrity is everything. The legitimacy of a potential business partner is of the utmost importance, and should be the first thing you establish when assessing a deal. Identify fraudulent business propositions to let your business proceed with confidence.

General Services Administration

If you’re doing business with the Federal Government, you’ll want to make sure any business partners or associates aren’t suspended, debarred, or excluded from Federal Procurement and Non-Procurement programs. We understand that these agreements have special stipulations and risks that you’ll want to mitigate. Certified Credit will help you keep things on the level.

Medicaid Sanctions

Fraud, negligence and drug-related crimes related to Federally funded health care programs (like Medicare and Medicaid) have become increasingly common. Certified Credit searches the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (HHS OIG) database to avoid putting your company at risk.

Other Services
  • Workers Compensation History
  • International Search
  • Substance Abuse Detection
  • US Warrants
A Strong Staff Is One You Can Trust

Every individual is a constellation of data points; the more data you have about your applicant, the greater your decision making leverage. Effectively validating your candidate’s qualifications not only ensures their integrity, it also protects the integrity of your organization.

Compliance Is Critical

Records access can vary from state to state. Our awareness of the inter-state regulatory environment puts your background screening efforts at an advantage, and guards your company against costly missteps in confidentiality and records compliance.


Living agreements go far beyond a lease. When you let a tenant into your property, you let their history in with them.

We’ll Help You Secure Quality Tenants With:

Credit Reports

It’s not enough to have the first and last month’s rent; a tenant’s financial status can impact their ability to keep payments coming on time. Certified Credit Reporting works with all three national credit repositories to provide you with up-to-date and accurate information on your potential tenants’ fiscal responsibility, employment information and other pertinent data, helping you adequately assess a tenant’s risk and sign the lease with zero doubts.

SSN Validation

Are your tenants really who they say they are? Do they have a legal right to enter an agreement with you? We’ll make sure simple questions like these have simple answers.

County & Criminal Search

A tenant with an unreported criminal past can be especially burdensome. Both misdemeanors and felonies create extra risk factors, especially if future criminal behavior occurs on your property. Certified Credit Reporting will keep you and your tenants on the right side of the law.

Eviction Reports

A past eviction report can be highly predictive of future incidents. Certified makes the screening process quick, simple, and affordable for any landlord.

Increase Your Profitability, Decrease Your Headaches

Tenant screening protects you, your financial investment, and your tenants, all while keeping you compliant with the Fair Housing Act (FHA). With Certified Credit’s tenant screening, you’re equipped with the decision-making insights you need to avoid risks and secure quality tenants.


When you’re making critical decisions about a business entity, it helps to have all the cards on the table.

The Power To Make — Or Break — A Deal
Certified Credit has access to more quality demographic and credit data on individuals and businesses than any other company in the industry. We pull data from approximately 215 million U.S. consumers and over 18 million public and private entities all over North America. From key facts and demographic data to bankruptcies, tax liens, and judgements, a Certified Business Profile Report will tell you everything you need to decide on the deal.
Here’s To A Good Business Partner
Seasoned with 30 years of industry experience, our reports are comprehensive, succinct, and open the door to actionable information. But we don’t just churn out reports—we build relationships with our clients. As such, we boast a 90% rate of return customers, and are always interested in helping more businesses find success.

Here’s How We Help: