Russ Donnan

Chief Information Officer

Russ Donnan has been CIO for Certified Credit since January, 2014. Russ provides leadership in IT management, innovation, new product development, governance, and compliance. Russ also has responsibilities in vendor management, technical and product sales support, and acquisition due diligence.

Russ graduated from Ohio State University in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Prior to joining Certified Credit, Russ was the Chief Information Officer and Corporate Secretary at Factual Data Corp from 1993-2013. Russ was a member of the management team that took Factual Data public in 1998, acquiring and successfully integrating 58 companies before being acquired by Kroll, Inc. in 2004. Russ was a Senior Design Engineer at Apple Computer in the All-In-One Portable Division, a member of the team which designed the original PowerBook series of laptops. He is experienced in the super computer field, and was previously employed by Convex Computer, and as a founding member and employee of Key Computer Laboratories, which became a subsidiary of Amdahl/Fujitsu Corporation.

Russ enjoys fly fishing, golf, snowboarding, and wake boarding, but his main hobby is home automation and the Internet of Things. He has a passion for Ohio State Football, maintaining season tickets for home games, and loves to travel to away games.

What Russ likes most about working at Certified Credit is the forward-thinking environment, which enables him to seek new technological solutions to take the company further.