Should You Sell Your Home Over the Holidays?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but probably not for putting your home on the market. Or could it be?

While data shows that the warmer spring months are the best time to sell your home, that isn’t necessarily true for every single property. If all you want for Christmas is the perfect buyer, you might get your wish this year. If you’re considering listing your home in the upcoming weeks or possibly in early 2020, there are several factors that must be kept in mind. 

There Isn’t A Bad Month To List, But There Is a Bad Day

Catherine Silver Smith who is an agent with Warburg Realty in New York stresses the day of the week a listing goes live can potentially be more important than the month of the year. “You want to give people enough time to recover from the weekend search as well as enough time to prepare a list of what to see the following weekend,” she says.

According to Smith, the best days to list a home are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday because homes listed on a Monday generally don’t get many eyeballs online until later in the week and those listed on Friday can get lost in the weekend shuffle.

Consider Listing Just After A Major Holiday

Christopher Totaro of Warburg Realty says putting a home on the market shortly after a major holiday can be a wiser decision that it would appear. “It can actually be beneficial to list in a month like January or August because there will be less inventory to share the limelight and the listing may get much more market attention,” he says.  

Keep The Buyer In Mind

If there isn’t a major rush to sell, it’s important to consider the timelines of potential buyers, explains Kathryn Landow of Warburg Realty. “For example, if you have a large apartment that is likely suited for a family, you might want to list it in such a way that the buyer can sync up to the school year schedule.”

Posted on on 11/27/2019.