Digital Mortgage Introduces New Technology Offerings

Business intelligence software from a compensation management technology provider and an auto-fulfillment service for disclosures were among new offerings introduced by companies at Digital Mortgage Monday.

Capabilities of the new business intelligence software, LimeGear, include an analysis of which lead sources provide the highest return on investment, and alerts and notifications aimed at helping sales teams manage their loan pipeline workflow.

The technology, available from LBA Ware, also allows users to configure key performance indicators and scorecards to manage and incentivize employees.

Target customers for LimeGear at the business level include small-to-midsized companies. At the individual level, the primary users include branch managers and middle managers.

LBA Ware CEO Lori Brewer at Digital Mortgage in Las Vegas.

“LimeGear was engineered and designed specifically for the producers and managers who are closest to the action and strapped for real-time information on their loans and employee performance,” Lori Brewer, LBA Ware’s founder and CEO, said in a press release.

The auto-fulfillment service that origination technology provider SimpleNexus introduced at the conference also aims to help mortgage companies better manage their operations.

The service specifically addresses “a dozen pain points” in the TILA-RESPA integrated disclosure process, COO Ben Miller said in a company press release.

“For instance, we streamline the login process by auto-filling the correct email address associated with the borrower’s e-consent,” Miller said.

The company added the new functionality to existing automation designed to help users manage TRID process workflow.

The SimpleNexus mortgage platform links loan officers, borrowers and real estate agents, and gives borrowers access to disclosures through a mobile app.

Posted on on 9/24/19.