Irrefutable Principles of High-Performance Mortgage and Real Estate Practices

Note: This is part one of a five-part series. Over the next five weeks, Todd Duncan, sales entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author, will showcase five principles for mortgage and real estate professionals to embrace for success. What if success, massive success, all came down to one simple concept? What if I told you there […]

Gentrification Comes from Lack of Housing Supply, Urban Institute says

A recent study from the Urban Institute reveals that higher housing costs as a result of the shortage of housing inventory is leading affluent buyers to seek out low- or moderate-income neighborhoods. This creates gentrified neighborhoods. Due to historical housing inventory shortages, gentrification is happening quicker. According to the 2018 Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and 2018 American Community Survey data, nationally, 14% of low-income buyers […]

Zillow Offers Resumes in 5 More Markets

Zillow announced Tuesday morning that it would resume buying homes via Zillow Offers in five more markets, making 20 out of its 24 markets operational again since pausing the service due to COVID-19. Home sellers in Los Angeles; Riverside, California; Minneapolis; Cincinnati; and Orlando, Florida can once again sell their homes directly to Zillow Offers. About a month ago, iBuying […]

Is it Worth it for Lenders to Reopen Physical Offices?

As cities all over the country see a surge in COVID-19 cases, many companies are re-evaluating plans to reopen their offices. On July 1, tech giant Google announced it was delaying the reopening of its U.S. offices by about two months – until at least Sept.7 – due to a surge in the number of coronavirus cases in some […]

Foreclosure Threat Grows as COVID-19 Surges

The danger of mortgage forbearances turning into foreclosures is rising as COVID-19 infections surge in the U.S., according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. COVID-19 cases in Texas, Arizona, Florida and other sunbelt states have set record highs in the past week and some intensive care units have exceeded capacity. The nation had a record 54,500 new […]

How the Housing Market’s V-Shaped Recovery Could Slip into a W-Shape

Life comes at you fast and you better be ready to handle any curveball that gets thrown your way. The curveball I’m talking about is the increase in COVID-19 cases we are seeing in many states, including my state of California. The significant uptick in many areas following the relaxation of stay-at-home orders forced some […]

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